AptVest is an Integrated Water and New Energy Solutions company offering sustainable products that lower energy consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emission. We are MRH affiliated company and we work with some leading OEMs in South Africa and international. The company dedicates itself in research and marketing with an excellent afte-rsales support team.

Who We Are

We’re a friendly bunch but we are very serious about helping our customers procure, install, operate and manage reliable, durable and cost-effective Integrated Water and New Energy products and solutions be it Solar Energy Generation (grid-tied and off-grid), Battery Energy Storage Systems (Microgrid Energy Plant System), Load Banks, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), HDPE Pipe Water Distribution Systems, Water Pumping for irrigation, consumption, drainage, cleaning, cooling or processing and, New Energy Transportation and Tyre Solution.

about our company


Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Water and Power Utilities, Transport and Logistics, Agricultural, Mining, Distributors and Retailers.


Register positive and meaningful contribution towards lowering carbon footprint across Africa through our products and solutions offering.


To bring high-quality and cost-effective competitive environmentally friendly products and turnkey solutions to our customers with integrity and shorter lead-time.

Why choose AptVest

  • We ensure that our products and solutions incorporate the latest technologies.
  • We believe in our customers and takes the after sales service very seriously.
  • Guaranteed sustainable and cost-effective new energy products and solution.
  • We rely on our in-house team of qualified professionals to deliver full turnkey solutions.
  • We work with partners in the finance and development sectors to implement renewable energy projects economically and reliably while delivering best value.


  • Renewable energy assessment and design consultation.
  • Energy savings projects for corporate clients.
  • Commercial and Agricultural Solar Systems and installations (E.P.C.).
  • Power Backup Systems (BESS, Generators and UPS).
  • Solar Kits.
  • Engineered Microgrids.
  • Hybrid Power Solutions – Connected to supply authority with BESS (Batteries Energy Storage System) or backup power generator or Solar.
  • Grid Tied – Solar systems both roof and ground mounted connected to the electrical system of the supply authority (Municipality or Eskom).
  • Off Grid – Disconnected from any supply authority (includes storage systems and backup generators).
  • Small wind energy.
  • Repairs (only for products and systems supplied by us) and upgrades.
  • On-Construction-Site Mobile HDPE Pipe Manufacturing supported by Liquid Science Aqua.
  • Pipe works Turnkey Services – Design, Supply, Installation or Replacement and Commission.
  • Buttweld and Electrofusion.
  • Smartcard Operation Service.
  • AFC Infrastructure Operation Service for taxi and bus operators.
  • Clearing and Settlement Service.
  • Smartcard and RF related Value-added services e.g. Electronic Cash, Loyal Points, Bonus, Rewards.
  • Supply and printing of the smartcards
  • Supply and installation of Smart Meters and AMI.
  • System support for Meter Reading System.
  • AMI System Hosting.
  • AMI System Operation and Administration