MiPower delivers the most advanced solar systems, custom financing and progressive sustainability practices. And our fully-integrated design approach to solar systems, battery storage and energy monitoring software makes our unique solar solutions a sound investment with greater peace of mind.

Successfully delivering a solar power plant project can be extraordinarily complicated. Throughout the process, a limitless number of decisions are made that ultimately affect a project’s ability to realize its financial goals. How do you ensure site to use is optimized? How can construction costs be minimized? How can you be confident the energy production goals will be met?

Power plant technology is a key success factor, and high-quality, easy-to-install technology may ensure the highest Return on Investment.

The MiPower Solar Energy Power Plant

MiPower is a reliable supplier of power generators in Africa. Our products have been installed in homes, businesses, industrial and government facilities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Founded by engineers and accountants with a long history in electronics and product design; Mi Power is on the verge of being the number one supplier in Sub-Saharan Africa through its unparalleled growth, driven by the emerging need for sustainable alternative sources of energy.

The company is a division of Masala Ramabulana Holdings, well known for providing high-quality products in the medical sector in Africa and world-class powering solutions for communication, commercial, industrial and renewable energy markets.

In cooperation with you, we execute the entire project, from power audit and design to commissioning. Also after the project phase, your installation will be in good hands with us for service and/or planned maintenance at our workshop or on location.

Schematic of Project

This Solar PV System is configured as a grid-tied solar PV system. It will use solar PV modules to harvest sunlight during the day and turn it into direct current electricity.

Inverters will be used to convert direct current electricity onto alternating current. Some transformers and switchgear will be used to step up the voltage to the desired one for grid connectivity

Weather, Monitoring and Telemetry systems will be set up to monitor and operate the solar PV plant.